In families with two parents children grow smarter

If from the very first days of the child, opening their eyes, sees two parents, his brain begins forming more cells. However, these phenomenon occurs depending on what sex the child belongs, according to The Daily Mail.

If a male child, then both parents can develop his memory and ability to learn. In the case of girls developing sociability and motor function.

Specialists of the Institute of a brain of the Hotchkiss at the University of calgary cause this phenomenon to the fact that if there are two parents, the child receives more attention from them, thus feeling more secure. Thus, his first years of life are stress free. And the less stress he feels, the better it develops the brain. Boys in such a period of more than actively growing cells of the gray matter, and girls - white.

This scientific opinion is based on experiments conducted on mice. Rodents were divided into two groups, one of which had only one parent and the second both. Scientists have measured the activity, which are formed neurons of mice from day of birth to adulthood. As it turned out, those individuals who had accrued a greater number of nerve cells, were from the group with two parents.

Meanwhile, females mice, which even grew up with two parents, to become mothers. In this case, a good model of the behavior of the parents passed rather inefficient.

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