In Dubai recorded another case of coronavirus infection

The first outbreak of the disease by the coronavirus in the UAE was recorded back in the summer of 2013. Before doctors discovered another case of infection, according to local newspaper the UAE "The National".

The virus has entered the body. health worker for 33 years. It is known that the person before that was in contact with a patient already infected with the coronavirus. The patient died on December 22 from this disease. Scientists say that Saudi Arabia is second on the spread of this viral agent. The first case is officially dated in the summer of 2013.

The who reports that between September 2012 marked 177 cases of coronavirus. Most of them happened in the middle East. 74 cases ended lethally.

Doctors and scientists first discovered the virus in September 2012 in the UAE. Then the symptoms resembled severe atypical pneumonia. The disease did not respond to standard therapy. The main carrier are camels.

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