In Denmark introduced a tax on fatty foods

Denmark has introduced the world's first "fat tax" for the sake of weight reduction of the population and prevent heart disease among residents of the country. This step might lead to such decisions and the UK suffering in Europe the highest level of obesity.

All Danes will now pay 30 pence above the price for a pack of butter, 8 for a packet of crisps and 13 for the stuffing. With tax it expects revenue of 2.2 billion Danish kroner, and oil consumption will decrease by 15 packs per person.

Director of Group Health Mike Rayner notes that this is the first in the history of the tax on fatty foods. Though practical examples of such a tax was not, now other countries will be able to evaluate it in action. Tax will be charged when buying more than 2.5 kg of saturated fats and wholesale purchase.

At the moment every tenth Dane suffers from obesity. A group of researchers Reiner in 2007 calculated that the introduction of taxes on unhealthy foods and the benefits of fruit will save in the same UK at least 3,200 people per year. However, the Minister of health in the UK so far against the introduction of the tax, therefore, the representatives of the Organizations of public health hope that Denmark has filed a contagious example.

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