In Denmark develop new therapies for HIV-infected

Danish scientists are developing a new drug for HIV-infected. At the moment, a new method of treatment experiences of 15 patients. Through therapy virus "popped" on the surface of cells, where it is destroyed by the immune system. The immune system before thoroughly strengthen.

Danish experts are conducting clinical trials of new therapeutic method of treatment, based on the cupellation of HIV DNA molecule and the elimination of the immune system.

In clinical studies involved 15 people who become infected with HIV recently.

According to experts, the virus comes from reservoirs formed in the cells, by means of experimental therapy. After that, the virus destroys the body's immune system, which is activated with special preparations. In the liberation of the virus of great importance are the so-called HDAC inhibitors, which are commonly used in the fight against cancer.

The effectiveness of newly developed drugs was seen in the beginning of the year during his approbation. The authorities have invested in "know-how" about 12 million crowns (over $ 1 million) to continue its work on the development of the drug. In case of successful clinical trials, experts will actively apply the medicine in practice.

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The main problem for doctors is that the immune system has learned to identify HIV and eliminate it.

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