In choosing a partner women fit with the more practical side

For centuries woman felt more weak and yielding to the charms of love. In movies and books always women are more romantic and delicate nature than men. However, everything in life turns out to be quite the opposite.

Researchers conducted a survey between men and women. It was necessary to answer the question: can they fall in love at first sight? Results men were more sentimental, 25% responded that they fall in love instantly, 29% took first date.

Women are more practical and thoughtfully to the selection of his future partner. For comparison, only 20% of the "weaker sex" can fall in love at first sight, every third, you need a first date, and only after that it will probably take its decision.

Provided that the first meeting will take place, the scientists asked the most popular topics of conversation. Women, men also stressed the tourism and travel. As it turned out, these topics are the most popular and loved ones during a first date.

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Scientists have also found that the area of the face is the primary object of attention during the first meeting, also interesting appearance, in particular clothing. Thus, people can judge the emotional state of the partner.

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