In China died the world's oldest male pandas pan-pan

In the nature reserve Dujiangyan (China) died the world's oldest male large Panda named pan-pan ("waiting" - translated from Chinese), reports "Xinhua".

In June of this year, 31-year-old pan-pan was diagnosed with cancer. In addition, he also suffered from the typical diseases of old age - cataracts and loss of teeth. Because of health problems in recent pan-pan most of the time spent in the room.

It is reported that pan-pan was left a large progeny - about 130 individuals, representing approximately one quarter of the total population of giant pandas in captivity. In total there are about two thousand giant pandas, most of whom live in China.

Pan pan was born in the wild in China's Sichuan province in 1985, was saved and kept by the organization CCRCGP.

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