In Britain still treat infertility grandmother's method

Folk remedies for the treatment of infertility continues to successfully compete with the achievements of modern medicine. And it's not somewhere in the jungle, and in a quite civilized Britain. The survey, which was attended by more than a thousand couples in this country, showed that many British people still tend to get pregnant using ancient knowledge.

The most common myth among modern citizens of the United Kingdom - in order to conceive a child, you must drink a lot of grapefruit juice. However, you should not eat strawberries and mint, otherwise the baby's body is dotted with moles. Women believe, to bring the pregnancy will help rosemary bushes and silver things. They are planted plants need and give to friends, dreaming about the child, silver. Doctors only shrug. They advise the ladies of Britain to monitor the menstrual cycle, and gardening classes to send in the right direction. To cure infertility, you should consult a doctor, not my grandmother's tricks. In fact grapefruit juice on conception and pregnancy is not affected, unlike folic acid, which is hoping to conceive women are not even heard.

It is worth noting that earlier survey of British showed that half of the inhabitants of Albion may not correctly indicate which side they are the heart and how much they have teeth.

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