In Britain learned to treat obesity on a genetic level

Scientists from the UK have developed a method for the treatment of obesity. Nothing new, based on therapeutic diets. However, they developed under the genetic characteristics of a particular person. While the test methods will be conducted at public hospitals.

When the activity of certain genes appears the ability to rapid metabolism of these or other foods. Nutritionists suggest using the genetic map of the patient for making the perfect diet.

The first tests in the County of Essex showed the effectiveness of the method. Individual "genetic" diet gave excellent results, the experiment participants quickly said goodbye to excess weight.

The problem of obesity is acute not only in Britain, where 41% of adult men and 33% of women have extra pounds. In other countries, including Russia, the percentage of people with obesity is not much less. Doctors are sounding the alarm, because the extra weight – a condition leading to serious and chronic diseases: from diabetes to stroke and joint problems.

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