In Britain created the first service to find volunteers for research

Every day, scientists from all over the planet are engaged in diverse research. For clinical trials they need volunteers from the number of people that fit specified for research settings. New service TrialReach developed in Britain, should expedite the recruitment process groups for research. The project has already invested approximately 13.5 million dollars.

Patients with rare diseases, not amenable to effective treatment, rarely read special literature. The Internet is at most. TrialReach should unite people, ready to go on the relative risk and scientists are ready to offer experimental treatment.

The service is involved in processing information about all medical research, selects the registered users on certain parameters and willingness to certain clinical trials. Also there is a function to find the nearest place where they study.

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To register you need to enter your personal data, location and confirmed the diagnosis. Scientists consider TrialReach as a new stage of research, accelerating the process of finding volunteers.

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