In Britain Avastin is a drug against cancer, has not been approved

The British National Institute for health and clinical excellence (NICE) was denied the recommendations of the drug Avastin (Bevacizumab) as one of the main drugs for women diagnosed with breast cancer, despite conclusive evidence that the drug may delay further progression of the disease for a period of about three months.

The point here is that the producers of Avastin failed to prove that their "offspring", costing more than 3500 pounds, favored the patients to improve their quality of life, and its duration was increased, writes The Telegraph.

"We understand the need of the most effective methods of treatment that can help patients as much as possible to live, and with a good quality of life. But be that as it may, the evidence that presents our independent Commission, does not allow us to say with certainty that Bevacizumab any of the above can be done," said Andrew Dillon chief NICE.

The Institute, according to him, can't give a recommendation to the drug without evidence that it also helps or even better than current drugs, and its price is much higher. "We just want to absolutely all people have access to the best treatment," says Dillon.

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