In Britain allowed the cultivation of donor organs within animals

Soon the country will come into force a law allowing transplant of human organs grown inside animals. Supporters and opponents of the method in the course of the debate will discuss the potential of the method. If successful, Britain will be first country in the world where transplantation of organs grown in a new way.

In 2014 the country have killed more than 400 people from-for absence of necessary authority. The same situation is observed and in the rest of the world. New technology should partially solve the problem and allow for the continuation of the lives of hundreds of people every year.

Now the technology is being tested in the U.S., however, the results of the experiments remain closed, the scientists are not in a hurry to publish them. Known information on only one study. A group from the Salk Institute (California) and the University of Minnesota has transplanted twenty pigs, and sheep embryos with the genome of man and animal. About what the experiment ended, not yet reported.

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