In Brazil found a man with stones in the brain

In the brain of the Brazilian found the stones. From the anamnesis it is known that the man was suffering from severe headaches. The survey identified a tight formation, reports the New England Journal of Medicine.

In addition to the constant headaches, the man complained of vision problems. To the doctors the patient has not applied for 10 years. The first medical examination revealed a series of stone-like formations of calcium.

Doctors diagnosed the patient's disease. The disease is characterized by indigestion associated with the destruction of the intestinal villi. In the gluten products, mainly cereals, lead to serious consequences.

Doctors are not sure of a full recovery of the patient. They have developed a special power circuit, eliminating gluten from the diet. This will improve health and enhance the quality of life of men. From stones in the brain, alas, get rid of will not work.

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