In Belgium proposed a bill on child euthanasia

The socialist party of Belgium introduced a bill that deals with the possibility of euthanasia for children. Today in Belgium accepted and is valid for 10 years, the law, according to which adult citizens of Belgium can take the opportunity to voluntarily withdraw from life, writes

According to the head of the socialist party of Belgium Thierry Giet, this bill will help to accommodate the different situations and serious cases, and to respond to them. Among other things, the list of diseases should be expanded. It should be added also Alzheimer's disease. The head of the socialist party of Belgium expressed its hope that other parliamentary parties will support the adoption of this law.

The first country in Europe, which legalized euthanasia, were the Netherlands. After Belgium passed a law on euthanasia for adults. Today, Belgian politicians note the increase in the incidence of illness among children and adolescents under the age of majority. According to socialists, the children suffer from terrible pain, but able to make a deliberate decision.

A similar law that applies to children, has already been adopted in the Netherlands a year ago. In 2011, the country was conducted 1133 procedures of euthanasia. Basically, she has been subjected to people suffering from cancer.

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