In Belgium legalized child euthanasia

The Belgian government has approved the document, which legalized the procedure of euthanasia for terminally ill children. Now there is no age restriction. Belgium is the first country in the world that has decided to take this step, writes the BBC. Note euthanasia for adults is held for 12 years in this country.

For child euthanasia, you must have an incurable disease that causes anguish of a child severe pain. Parents must give consent, and the child to undergo a detailed examination to confirm the severity of the disease.

Doctors believe that a child at any age should be aware of in making the decision. Mandatory conversation with a psychiatrist, a confirmation of the fact incurable disease. The pain must be strong and beyond control.

The Church had to call the law immoral. According to the head of the Belgian Catholic Church, you cannot take the life of man, especially in childhood. However, experts believe, in practice, to the right child euthanasia will resort units.

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Against the law by a number of health care workers. In their opinion, the current state of medicine allows you to successfully deal with the pain and a long time to keep patients alive at the right level.

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