In Belarus there is a shortage of young doctors

Edition of Tomorrow your country" reports referring to the Ministry of health of Belarus, the health care system in this country every year loses approximately two thousand doctors.

Data Ministerial policy management staff also disappointing and suggests that half of doctors are leaving the country's health upon reaching the statutory retirement age, as well as in connection with a change in marital status or disability. Approximately ten percent of health workers Belarus leave to work abroad. But the average age of workers in the Belarusian Ministry of health increases as leave the country, as a rule, young professionals.

The main reasons of migration of young doctors in the trade Union of health workers of Belarus is called a rather low level of income and housing problems. Lyudmila Tobacco occupying at the moment the position of Chairman of the Metropolitan trade Union of health workers reported that at the beginning of the current year to improve their living conditions, as shown by the official documentation, needed more than 4 thousand Minsk doctors. While still in the nineteenth year of the new domicile has received two hundred and thirty-health workers-the capital of Belarus, and in the past only one hundred and thirty-one.

Data workers Union, the country's health system indicate that the average salary in the healthcare industry accounts for only 3.4 million Belarusian rubles (less than twelve and a half thousand Russian rubles). It turns out that the salary of the young doctors are below average sixteen-twenty percent.

The health Ministry of the country believe that the issue of the relevant staff in the country will be resolved after the next two years.

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