In bed secrets people hide their personalities

The position occupied by a person during sleep, it may be possible to unravel his personality, traits and behavior. Expert in body language Robert Vipcom studied four of the most common postures of sleeping in order to establish their connection with life views.

Position in bed can talk about the tension with which the day went, about the presence of disturbing factors in life, his ability to control his life. According to British newspaper The Telegraph, the experiment covered 1000 adult residents of the UK.

The objective of the study was to identify some patterns when selecting a position for sleep and the development on this basis of recommendations about the most effective night's rest.

The attitude of "embryo"

According to the findings of the study Phipps, held by order of the hotel chain Premier Inn, more than half of British adults sleep in the fetal position on his side, they minimize up and lifting the knees to the body.

According to the expert, this position speaks to the human desire to return to an atmosphere of comfort after a hard day. Sleeping in this position are characterized as honest people willing to order in domestic Affairs and in life, but at the same time, they show a tendency to be overly busy by thinking about problems and the associated excitement.

Sleeping in the fetal position in fact rest in full throughout the night, getting ready for new achievements. However, they must take care to dive into the comfort zone was not too deep, otherwise it may become an obstacle to adequate perception of the problems of the day.

Pose a "log"

The second most popular position for sleep - "log", preferred by three out of ten people. In this position sleep laid on the bed on his side, flattening at attention, almost straightened the limbs, with closed legs and pressed against his hand.

This situation demonstrates the hardness of views, inflexibility and stubbornness. Fans of such posture is characterized by the manifestation of power and the desire to command. According to experts, they should try to relax, giving the muscles a chance to rest from the vicissitudes of the day.

The attitude of "thirsty"

A quarter of surveyed people identified themselves as "thirsty": during sleep, they lie on side with back with outstretched hands, as if to run after someone or something. However, this position may be indicative of the prosecution, as if sleep fleeing from someone.

According to the expert, this subconscious movement, we can assume that these people are too demanding to life, willing to go anywhere, wanting to grasp what is missing in both hands.

Such people tend criticism for not achieving the expected significant results. But, encountering obstacles on the way to the goal, they usually give up easily.

The Board of psychologists "thirsty": break illusions, determine the true goals, stop wasting large amounts of energy to obtain unattainable or unnecessary.

Pose of "free fall"

17% of respondents their way to bed gave a definition of "free fall": they lie on the bed belly down turned her head on one side and flung out to the sides with his hands, as if floating in the air during a jump with a parachute. Sometimes, the hands hug the pillow. The experts recognized this position very uncomfortable to sleep on an adult, because in this position of the vertebral artery is iriatai.

Prefer in a dream "free fall" not feeling passing them life beyond their control.

In accordance with the advice of psychologists, they should stop trying to solve all problems at once, to resort to a gradual action, to refrain from the desire to control the lives and focus on the present.

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News updated: October 22, 12:49

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