In back pain blame the genes, and not a way of life

If you try to maintain good posture and always sit up straight and think that in the future this will save you from back pain you are wrong. The physical condition of your spine depends much more on genes than from your lifestyle, according to scientists from king's College in London.

In degeneration of the lumbar disc, which causes chronic lower back pain, the main role played by genes. For human life these discs cushion the movement of the vertebrae, however, the clamping of the disc can cause back pain. Was that a serious degenerative disc disease is hereditary in 65-80 cases out of a hundred.

Scientists state identical twins who have chosen a different profession, such as the condition of the back of the truck driver is not something different from the status of the back of the gym teachers, despite the fact that they were different lifestyle. Also conducted a scan of the spinal vertebrae at 4600 people, the genomes of all participants were also analyzed. Probably discovery scientists could lead to new methods of treatment and prevention of chronic back pain. In addition it turned out that less likely to suffer from pains positive-minded people, because the Central nervous system is controlled by our mind.

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However, the opening is not happy patients previously people could think that a healthy lifestyle will help them avoid future pain, the same genetic factor deprives them of control over one's own body. To help prevent pain can increase spinal muscular corset that will help the spine to support your back and reduce the probability of severe pain.

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