In America, the patients ask doctors to prescribe expensive drugs

The study, which was conducted by experts from the Medical school at Harvard, showed that more than 30% of us physicians prescriptions for expensive drugs in the case when these drugs are cheaper counterparts, which, incidentally, is not less effective. And what is most strange, often, they do so at the request of the patients themselves.

American experts have analyzed the profiles nearly 2,000 physicians of different directions. 63% reported that they themselves rarely prescribe expensive drugs, and do so only when requested by the patient. The remaining 37 % said that sometimes can prescribe expensive drugs at its discretion. From all medical specialties, often do therapists.

Direct marketing of pharmaceutical companies also affect the choice of a more expensive drug instead of cheap. This trend may be due to the efforts of marketers who promote a particular drug on the market. Those physicians who receive as a free gift samples of drugs, drinks or food, are inclined to assign patients it is advertised marketers drugs 40% more likely than those physicians who do not receive from pharmaceutical companies nothing.

Many patients ask doctors to prescribe an expensive drug, as confident in his superiority over generics. Experts of the Federal Commission of the United States for control of food and drugs claim that a copy of the drug must have the same active ingredients, dosage form, efficiency and pathways of introduction, the original medicine. As statistics show, the price copies of drugs is, on average, 80 percent lower than the price of the original.

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