In America increased dramatically new strain of swine flu

"It took several months of inactivity, and that's "American" swine flu" with a new force itself gave to know. Based on official data, were reported by new cases of human infection with H3N2v virus. It's the 13th victim of the virus," says the Agency Castanet.

12 out of 13 cases of infection occur in people under the age of 18 years. It is known that the last positive was the girl from Utah. It's already completed the treatment course of oseltamivir and now the patient feels quite normal. Influenza virus all her family members were tested, but the new infected are not detected.

"Apparently, the virus, the child picked up when visiting during the tour of the enterprise involved in processing of pork a week before the appearance of the initial symptoms of the flu," interprets Dr. Michael Jung of the Center for control and prevention of diseases.

Until then infected with influenza were detected in the following States: Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maine, Iowa and West Virginia. About 50% of cases people were in direct contact with pigs. But others with pigs no contact was not that epidemiologists alarming. This means that a variant of swine flu was the process of mutation and now without any problems already spreading among the people.

As experts state: "the currently circulating virus has a gene acquired him from the virus, which began in 2009, the cause of a pandemic." Epidemiologists believe: "Gene M increases the ability of the virus to infect people. Especially infection-prone children who Maniche years."

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