In a world more and more children are obese

Barely in modern society has long been not a primary need, and kind of fun. Against this background, and with the connivance of parents, primarily affects children . At the last world Congress of Pediatrics, held in Moscow, animatedly discussed the causes and consequences of trends, a growing number of children suffering from excess weight.

Prerequisites to obesity in children laid still inside the womb if the mother gains excessive weight during pregnancy, then the baby will be a lot of excess weight. Prevention from obesity is breastfeeding until at least six months, which many mothers neglect. If you feed your child up to eight months, increased protection against the development of diabetes.

In the world there are more and more products of the so-called drug easy to get used to, it's the French fries, chips, soda, candy, in dependence on which empties into the hormonal system. Children a passion for these products is akin to an adult dependency on cigarettes. The parents in this case are simply obliged to monitor the nutrition of the child and to teach him how to get pleasure not only from food but also from other things.

"Obesity is a symptom of psychological trauma," says the psychiatrist Dan Kesner . Children often try to imitate their parents, because full of children is more commonly seen among families where all suffer from excess weight. Often his family blames problems with weight on heredity, not noticing fundamentally wrong attitude to food.

Additionally, often children eat, to seize issues, this can often be found in a family with authoritarian parents, or in families where the child "jammed" his loneliness.

According to who projections in 2030 obesity will overtake 45 percent of the population of the entire planet. In Russia, obesity is not as frightening as, for example, in the USA, but not too comforting. In urban areas, obesity is diagnosed in 8 percent of children in rural 5. At the age of 15 to 30 years are obese to 15 percent of the young people.

One of the problems of childhood obesity is that most medications and methods of treatment designed for children at least ten years, for example surgery laparoscopic gastric don't do children under the age of 13.

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