In 2016 Russia will earn a new system of safeguards for patients

The quality of medical care in the next year should rise significantly. The document will clearly define the maximum waiting time for physicians, performance of diagnostic procedures (FGS to computed tomography and angiography).

Change the approach to treating patients in the day hospital. From extensive indicator "patients per day" in Russia are planning to switch to "one case of treatment". Experts believe that it is easier to evaluate the real performance of each Department in the hospital.

For each patient per year in the framework of compulsory health insurance in 2016 will be allocated nearly 8.5 thousand. However, this figure in 2014 was 8 492 rubles, so that changes in the last two years in financing patients no. Should decrease in the coming year, the volume rendering hi-tech medical aid (VMP). Under this type of financing doctors can spend free of charge for the patient complicated surgery, implantation, plastic surgery, installing vital devices.

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