In 2012, the cigarettes will be photos of the severe consequences of Smoking

82 percent of Russians approve of the ban on displaying cigarettes in shop Windows, 69 non-Russians support the price increase on tobacco products. In Russia the tax on tobacco products is one of the most low and consumption is one of the most high, therefore the increase of excises is the logical solution. The increase in the share of excise tax in the cost of cigarettes you plan to 50 percent, will also be set a minimum retail price for cigarettes.

Sponsorship from tobacco companies in Russia common, so conditions should be tightened, because public organizations receiving support from the tobacco companies are lobbying their interests. Sponsorship from tobacco companies, according to representatives of the ROC does not have charity beginning, and are a form of promotion of your brand, that is why the Church insists on the prohibition of sponsorship such companies.

It was decided in the framework of the project on the protection of the health of the print images that illustrate the consequences of the abuse of tobacco on the body. The Republic of Kazakhstan has proposed a set of graphic images printed on the packs. However, they entered will be only after two years since the introduction of warning labels on cigarettes, the period expires in July 2012. The transition period for the tobacco industry will be described in 8 months.

International experience has demonstrated that the printing shocking images caused by cigarettes disease has a positive effect on the number of smokers in the country. Of the smokers, 78 percent approved of such innovations, and 50% wanted to quit after viewing the photos.

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