In 2011, to increase the import of medicinal products in Ukraine

The head of the State Service of Ukraine on drug control Alexey Solovyov on the website of the Ministry of health of Ukraine announced the tightening of inspection of imported drugs that do not have GMP certificate.

Today, Ukraine has become a "stock" state, where imported drugs are not of adequate quality. To improve the quality of imports is planned due to the tightening of rules on the registration of medicines in Ukraine.

In the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 908 will make changes that will prohibit the registration of drugs manufactured under proper conditions and is not of proper quality. This will allow you to register in Ukraine drugs only those plants that are recognized in Europe GMP certificate. This certificate guarantees the high quality of the manufactured drug products.

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This step will allow Ukraine to get rid of the drugs imported from countries with poor control over the production of medicines. Will leave the market of poor quality and cheap drugs that may affect the increase in the cost of treatment, but high-quality drugs.

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