In 200 years people were forbidden to live forever

Just two century medicine will be able to defeat most diseases. As a result, the human life will continue almost indefinitely as the maintenance of special methods and drugs. Within 30-40 years will have found a cure for cancer and other diseases. So says the Head of Alibaba and Chinese billionaire Jack MA.

He is confident that in the future the government will introduce a law forbidding people to live forever. The head of Alibaba suggests, humanity is on the way to the third evolutionary wave. First we learned how to create machines that exceed us in ability to work. Then they started to fly into space and to cross thousands of kilometers in a matter of moments. After a couple of centuries, says Jack MA, the mankind will learn to free your mind.

If life expectancy will be doubled, the planet is waiting for overpopulation. Therefore, together with the development of medicine, the authorities of most countries will undertake measures to regulate the number of people.

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