In 20 years the number of patients with diabetes will increase to 600 million

Diabetes mellitus over the last few decades has ceased to be a disease exclusively of older people with obesity. The second type of diabetes is more common in middle age. According to statistics, the disease is diagnosed in 10-15% of the adult population of the planet. Experts from the University of East Anglia made a prediction: by the year 2035 the number of people with diabetes will increase to 600 million. The population of the USA, Russia and Japan combined.

Each twelfth of the worldís adult population has diabetes. The main cause of unhealthy lifestyle, too high-calorie foods with a predominance of carbohydrates and fats, and genetic predisposition.

In 9 of 10 cases of diabetes of the second type is the result of a sedentary lifestyle and improper diet. In 2013, according to the who, recorded 382 million people with diabetes. By 2035, this number can increase to 600 million.

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