In 155 countries around the world will switch to a new vaccine against polio

Russia will join the list of countries who took the polio vaccine the new sample. 17 April began the transfer of medical institutions from 155 countries of the world on a new vaccine. The transition will take a few weeks, thousands of professionals from all over the world will be to control the process.

The new vaccine is a live attenuated virus. The second component (a weakened version of the 2nd type of the polio virus) vaccine was removed. "We don't need the second component, as it no longer meets in the world," says Stephen cochi, a member of the American Center for control and prevention of diseases.

For 2015, physicians all over the world have recorded 74 cases of the disease. Most of them were in developing countries, such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. Currently, polio has no specific treatment, only disease can be prevented by vaccination. When polio damaged tissue of the spinal cord and paralysis develops.

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