Improved memory will help the "happiness hormone"

How do I find a team of scientists from the German center for neurodegenerative diseases and the University of Magdeburg Otto-von-Guericke led by neuroscientist by amrou Tusalem, known as the "happiness hormone" dopamine promotes long-term memory.

The production of "happiness hormone" dopamine carry out the adrenal glands, and it performs an important function in the "reward system", responsible for the formation of feelings of pleasure. He, providing mental activity of a person plays a very important role. The increasing age causes a decrease in the number of nerve cells that are responsible for producing the hormone that can affect cognitive abilities. For example, seniors have seen a decline in episodic memory, which contains event information about the person.

According to the Austrian Internet publication, in the study by neurologists University, was attended by people aged 65-75 years. The volunteers were divided into two groups: the first took the drug content of dopamine, and the other was given a placebo. I took drugs participants tested the memory, showing black and white photographs depicting landscapes. Two hours later demonstration of the photos was repeated after 6 hours it was again repeated. To confuse the participants performed the shuffle of old and new photos.

After the first re-demonstrate specific differences in the two groups of people were not identified. But after 6 hours the situation has changed. Those who received dopamine, recognition of photographs has occurred in cases that are 20 percent larger than in people taking a placebo.

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According to scientists, the explanation for this effect is that the initial retention of memory provide the activated synapses, the activity of which is subsequently reduced, and therefore the "evaporation" of memories can happen even after a few hours. Preserving fresh memories promotes dopamine, through which is the stabilization of the newly formed neural links. The study also showed that "survival" memories regulated, regardless of how much they survived initially.

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