Improve and strengthen immunity

In our body responsible for immunity? Naturally, the immune system. It selects from the total mass of harmful microbes and viruses, and then they will neutralize. This constant struggle with a variety of microbes leads to decreased immune system. Health, immunity is necessary to continuously enhance, strengthen, and support.

The immune system is divided into non-specific and specific. Decrypted knowledge-intensive expressions simply: specific person receives by inheritance, genes influence of parents. Nonspecific produced, since viruses mutate all the time, and the body must readjust to defend against these tumors. Need to provide protection to the reconstruction finished, this immunity is necessary to have some building material. Doctors suggest taking immunomodulators, and whether it is necessary to sit all the time on tablets? There are simple, affordable and cheap means to strengthen the immune system, restore the body's defenses. One such tool is called tempering.

The basic rule of hardening is considered to be gradual. Each dramatic step type pouring cold water can cause serious cold, and not to health. Harden the body to boost the immune system should be gradual, bottom-up - start to pour first leg from the knee, then from the belt. Only then can we begin to fully take a cool shower. Good douche, don't forget to start with small temperature differences, for two weeks, increase the difference.

For immunity is very important active movement in the fresh air. In the metropolis is desirable to pass a couple of stops on foot, when you go to work or home. Notice, for immunity need not to walk, and walk quickly to the body received a certain load. Strong the effect will be from sports, dance or fitness. Besides, it will give you the grace and harmony.

Eat natural food, it has a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. Eat more vegetables, fruits and honey. Especially in winter it is necessary to eat meat, as desired protein food (for the synthesis of immunoglobulins). Fried and sweet food, in contrast, require nutrients for processing and weaken immunity. Positive effect of fermented milk products, especially yogurt and live yoghurt. They put in the digestive tract of the desired bacteria.

To strengthen the immune system are well suited onion and garlic, as painful bad viruses are volatile, they contain. Also many flavonoids in tomatoes, bananas, figs, walnuts, apples. Of course, fast food, genmodifitsirovannye products and soft drinks do not promise to strengthen and improve immunity, to the contrary, weight, fatigue and apathy guaranteed.

Quickly improve the body's defenses, various cleansing of toxins. If a lot of them, the immune system loses a lot of effort to neutralize, and can not overpower the aggression of the environment. The main aspect here is the purgation. Do not remove waste products laxatives drugs. It is necessary to put an enema or drink in the morning salted water half an hour before meals. Such procedures are a good help to remove excess weight and improve your figure.

Ready liqueurs (cordials) do not need to cook, and nutrients are absorbed quickly, take them to be drops (not glasses), on the principle of homeopathy. Immunostimulants should only give an impetus to the protective forces of the organism, to give some temporary support, not replace them. To strengthen the immune system suggest tinctures ginseng, Siberian ginseng, wild rose, Chinese Magnolia vine. Before use, be sure to read the instructions, and it is better to consult with your doctor as these drugs have contraindications.

Don't forget to visit your dentist to check the condition of the teeth in order to avoid infections in the oral cavity, which will get into your body and reduces immunity. In the dental portal you will quickly find a nearby clinic. If metro Yasenevo close to your home or office, the portal has all the dentists near this station and about many others.

And most important, in the opinion of specialists to improve the immunity is love and laughter. If you kiss, love is with someone you love sex, work you enjoy, you look at the world with a smile - does not stick to you no infection. Science has confirmed this fact!

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