Improper warm-up is injurious to health

Do you know the difference that exists in static stretching and dynamic warm-up? Did you know that during their wrong doing, you may decrease the performance, and if they are properly run, it is possible, conversely, to strengthen? If you will be able to answer each question, then perhaps you do not belong to the number of athletes, of which James Says (faculty of sport and related disciplines, Victoria University of Melbourne) Australia notes that they do not know how to warm up as you want actually.

Most recently, James was told in the press about his own research, which is devoted to the influence of static stretching and dynamic warm-UPS. All this takes place just before the start of the sports competition, because this greatly affects the athletes.

He was able to find that due to static stretching decreases professional degree program execution jumps almost eight percent, and with dynamic warm-up increases the rate in the high jump by three percent.

As for static stretching, then this exercise on the rear half of the leg, the quadriceps muscles and thighs. Dynamic warm-up is mechanical motion, such as high-rise knee, legs swinging and Jogging, or physical tasks, which changes the direction.

The scientist noted that almost all athletes often do static stretching, considering its main warm up before a competition, and this can have inverse effects on their performances. Because of the frequent use of such marks only decreases the quality of the execution of physical exercises.

James noted that it, like "epidemic". Athletes all over the world is static stretching before competition will start. Im just not known the latest sports news.

In fact, research scientist shows that when taking into account the point of view of health, static stretching before a competition worse than that, when there is no warm up at all. Thanks to the warm-up increase metabolic processes - the cardiac frequency, the temperature of the muscles and so on.

If you're doing something passive, for example, static stretching, you actually reverse this procedure and perform almost the opposite of the warm-up effect.

According to the scientist, with research showing that among static stretching and dynamic warm-up before competition, there is a difference in the health of almost eleven percent, and the athlete cannot afford to ignore.

Only it is not necessary to argue that this stretching makes no effects, just you need to know when and how it is better. This must be addressed when training, when the body is ready to relax. In addition, static stretching is not recommended for people with chronic injuries.

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