Improper sleep is dangerous for teenagers

A study conducted by experts from France, showed that sleeping less than 7 hours can have a negative effect on the brain of a teenager. The results were published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The study was conducted on 177 students of secondary school of Paris at the age of 14 years. Professionals during the week, watched over by adolescent brain.

During the week the students went to bed on average at 22:20 and woke up at 7:06 am. Weekend day mode have changed a bit: went to bed at 23:30 and woke up at 9:45. Sleep at least 7 hours a day and later falling asleep were associated with smaller volume of gray matter in parts of the brain, according to experts.

Weekend student went to bed later than on weekdays and that they had less gray matter in the frontal cortex, the anterior cingulate cortex and breakline. These areas of the brain are particularly important for students - they are responsible for attention and multitasking. Scientists came to a consensus that poor school performance is associated with a smaller amount of gray matter in the frontal parts of the brain. And the amount of gray matter was decreased due to pozdnakova bedtime on the weekend.

Scientists advise parents to monitor the sleep of children to maximize potential brain development and enhance school performance.

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