Improper diet leads to heart disease in children - the scientists

American researchers proved that an excess of fatty foods and other factors improper diet lead to heart disease in childhood. Bad health is difficult to restore to adult years, so it's easier to keep it, adhering to simple rules.

Eating a balanced diet combined with exercise the risk of heart disease is greatly reduced. Scientists from northwestern University in the US investigated the diet of children aged 2-11 years, by assessing the consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish, salt, sugar and other products.

Not all could boast of a healthy and balanced diet. Only every tenth child has consumed the required minimum of vegetables and fruits, and the total volume of whole grain products received only 3% of children. But 90% of boys and girls together with food consumed excess salt and sugar.

The accumulation of cholesterol begins in the early years, so the doctors all countries attribute healthy eating children such attention. The Foundation of health is formed in childhood, at the same time are laid and good habits. Scientists often advise parents to pay attention to what the child eats and adjust the diet based on the opinion of pediatricians.

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