The correct name for impotency is erectile dysfunction. It meant the inability to achieve and maintain an erection, which is required to coitus (sexual intercourse). The sexual act consists of several stages: the erection, followed by frictions, then there is ejaculation and orgasm. In most cases, impotence has an effect on ejaculation.

On the occurrence of impotence can be influenced by two types of causes: psychological and physiological. The reason for the inability to perform the sexual act be physiological causes and psychological causes are only for the development of the disease. Thus, erectile dysfunction occurs due to damage to the penis, making it impossible to onset of erection and maintain it.

To organic causes of impotence include:

Disturbances in the nervous system, such as diseases of the spinal cord or brain, namely: myelodysplasia spinal injury, in violation of the innervation of the penis, intervertebral disc injury, a complication as the result of diabetes (neuropathy), multiple sclerosis.

Surgical operations on the pelvic organs

Diseases of the genitourinary system, such as prostatic hypertrophy, cancer, prostatitis

Fluctuations in hormone levels: low testosterone

Diseases of the veins, namely: a violation of the mechanism, a narrowing of the veins and prevent the outflow of blood from the penis during erection

The influence of drugs: drugs that reduce blood pressure, hormonal or psychotropic drugs.

Psychological causes of impotence include:




The symptoms of erectile dysfunction include any violations of the constituent elements of coitus, ranging from a lack of sexual attraction to lack of orgasm.

Often patients complain of an erection, to achieve which is becoming more difficult. In addition, there are cases when the status of an erection does not last long, or comes to premature ejaculation. From what of the causes of impotence is dominant depends on symptoms and course of erectile dysfunction.

When organic causes of impotence symptoms for a long time does not appear. First, there are only small disturbances, which are developed over time and each time break during sexual intercourse, regardless of the circumstances in which it occurs. This also disappear spontaneous morning and night erections.

In that case, if the cause of erectile dysfunction are psychological reasons, it occurs very suddenly. Dysfunction can disappear and reappear depending on the circumstances of the conduct of coitus. Night and morning spontaneous erection is saved.

The meaning of the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is to identify the causes of impaired circulation during erection.

The main methods of diagnosis are:

Determination of the degree of availability of sex hormones such as estrogen, prolactin, testosterone and luteinizing hormone;

Holding pharmakotherapie. This term means an ultrasound blood flow in the penis under the influence of drugs;

Holding pharmacochemistry. This term means the study of vascular blood flow in the penis with the help of x-ray emission;

Consultation with a psychotherapist;

Diary observations of spontaneous morning and night erections.

There are two ways to treat erectile dysfunction. One of them is based on conservative methods of treatment, and the second involves surgical intervention.

Under conservative treatment method assumes that the medication stimulating potency, the use of vacuum-vasomotor therapy, as well as stimulation of the erection with the help of vacuum pump.

Restoration of function of the penis through surgery is one of the activities included in the surgical treatment method of impotence. This method is used if damaged arteries or the vessels of the penis. In this case, the operation aimed at restoring the affected vessels. Also there are cases when the penis is inserted special prosthesis, which prevents his "weakness".

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