Impotence says about the risk of developing men of heart disease

Australian scientists are sounding the alarm: problems with erectile function suggests that their owner can cause cardiovascular disease, which may result in the onset of early death. According to experts, many men in this case are not even aware, as evidenced by the outbreak of impotence.

According to scientists from the Institute Sachs, every 5th man aged 40 years overseas, is faced with the problem of impotence, which is expressed in severe or mild. They, along with their colleagues from the Australian national University, Sydney University, and some other research institutions, learned 7855 hospitalizations men with various diseases of the cardiovascular system. Also, scientists have studied 2,300 cases of fatal outcome.

It turned out that men suffering from impotence are more prone to heart disease. Scientists were counted many diseases of the heart and vascular system, which were interconnected with erectile dysfunction.

According to the curator of the research, Professor Emily banks, problems with erections are about to address to the cardiologist, because the more men progresses impotence, the more it becomes prone to the emergence of his heart disease, which can lead to early death.

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