Impotence is not a barrier to family happiness

Part of couples faced with the violation of erectile dysfunction. The majority adopts the special preparations that this disease is not manifested. However, recent studies show that will make such funds does not help to establish family relationships. The data were confirmed after the analysis of the 40 clinical trial of PDE5 inhibitors, writes Live Science.

Prior to the study, men were asked about the level of sexual life. In addition, scientists were interested in the overall satisfaction with family relationships. Most patients complained of problems in bed, but had a good quality of life that did not depend on self-esteem and sexual life. After taking the drug significantly improved the quality of sex. The man felt more confident and was satisfied sexual life. But the drug have not changed anything in family life, and the problems are still there.

Urologist Andrew Cameras I am sure that should not be confused physiological and psychological needs of man. Even sexual satisfaction will not save you from problems in the relationship. In addition, psychological problems may also contribute to sexual dysfunction.

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