Impotence - causes, symptoms and treatment

Impotence is a medical condition that is characterized by impaired potency, i.e. impotence. However, men cannot have intercourse. Often impotence occurs due to the progression of any underlying disease (cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, or in the urogenital sphere). To restore his virility a man can hope only if we address the root causes of impotence.

Of course, erectile dysfunction is the unpleasant event that can bring a man to a state of deep psychological depression. But today, fortunately, the nature of this phenomenon sufficiently explored, so every man can count on the help of physicians, which will help him to restore potency to continue the quality of sexual life.


Impotence can be due to:

• psychological problems;

• sedentary lifestyle;

• area;

• obesity;

• diabetes;

• atherosclerosis;

• hypogonadism;

• pituitary tumors and other


Impotence usually manifests itself:

• rare or weak morning erections;

• insufficient erection during intercourse;

• too fast ejaculation;

• ejaculation at a very low erection;

• weak sex drive.

If erection problems occur more often than 3-5 times per month, then this is a reason to think seriously about their sexual health. Of course, the presence of these symptoms is not always indicative of the development of serious diseases, but still worthwhile to seek the advice of a specialist. He will examine you and suggest effective measures that will restore the sexual function.


The specialist will be able to prescribe the correct treatment of impotence only provided a precise definition of the reasons of its occurrence. If it's problems with blood vessels in the cavernous tissue is administered vasodilator drugs, as well as create a local negative pressure, so that blood flow has been admitted to the penis.

Drugs of plant origin can not only improve the blood vessels and increase the pressure, but also to improve overall body tone. Effective means for the treatment of impotence include: Siberian ginseng, ginseng and Golden root. Viagra purposefully affects erectile function. Its efficiency is about 75%.

When there is insufficient production of testosterone patient is prescribed hormonal therapy.

Psychological erectile dysfunction requires the intervention of a sex therapist or psychiatrist.

Sometimes to get rid of impotence need to spend surgery (surgery on vessels, paraproteinaemia).

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