Imported drugs may be excluded from the list of illegal goods

Patients with rare diseases in Russia are now in an ambiguous situation. A range of drugs to buy in the country impossible. When it's loading them is prohibited by law. The Deputy "Fair Russia" Olga Epifanova proposes to lift the ban on the entry of some pharmaceuticals. This will allow needy people to buy medicines abroad.

Today things are not the best way. The law, introduced in December last year, said about criminal liability for transporting unregistered drugs, among them many foreign products over domestic alternatives.

"About an existing problem, I learned a few months ago. Then for help I was contacted by a resident of Arkhangelsk Elena Madar - mother of three-year-old boy suffering from epilepsy. Before the woman ordered the necessary drugs through online pharmacy, but now has lost that opportunity. Individuals to obtain official permission to import is not registered in the country of medication need to undergo a long series of difficulties and approvals. Not an isolated case. We have tens of thousands of needy people across the country. So either the procedure of obtaining the necessary medicines should be simplified, or need to make changes to the current law" - commented Olga Epifanova.

She offers to remove unregistered medicines from the list of permitted on the territory of Russia of the goods. This can save hundreds and thousands of lives of citizens.

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