Important aspects when choosing a wheelchair for a child

Children with disabilities, like all the other boys, try to know the world as soon as possible, what can help a special wheelchair designed specifically for a child. Design, bright colors, attention to detail - these qualities should characterize children's wheelchairs that can adapt to the needs of the baby.

It is desirable to order the production of wheelchairs individually, but today, manufacturers produce high-quality, functional equipment. When choosing a stroller takes into account several factors:

• the sex of the baby

• age

• disease

The parameters of the wheelchair should be comfortable for the child: height, width and depth of the seat, the height of the armrests and backrest. Must have locking devices, and at the intersection of the legs necessary abductor.

If the child feels completely your body and can operate it, you need a stroller with conventional fixation, leaving enough freedom to make active movements. For the baby, not able to keep the balance of the required product with locking straps in the groin and side supports. Child sabaliauskas ago, the desired design with a chest strap. A child with this disorder musculoskeletal system as cerebral palsy and is wheelchair with special fastenings, by which the organs and the circulation of the child to function normally.

Different children's wheelchairs for home use and for walks. Home wheelchair equipped with all possible options: supports the head and side, with the safety belts, the seat can tilt, features and abductor leg. Stroller a few lightened and be sure and equipped with a hood.

Basically wheelchairs manage parents of children with disabilities, but if the baby developed the motor skills of hands, he may control the wheelchair independently.

A particular advantage in wheelchairs - transformers that are able to grow with your child. Equipped with these prams are all required to accompany the child in the process of growth and development: as changes in the physical parameters of the child, a change in the width and height of the backrest, foot height of the feet and arms.

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