Implantology: progressive way in achieving the perfect smile

Today, the most popular field in surgical dentistry is dental implants. This new direction has made a splash in the matter of rehabilitation of patients with dental defects.

A real opportunity to acquire new teeth in a relatively short time has significantly improved the quality of life of patients, raising to a new, higher level. How set denture, about all its advantages and disadvantages, can be found on the website or to consult with an experienced practitioner.

Implantation involves different methods and options. The most common is a classic, but in this case, you should consider that the whole process requires a certain time, the operation is sometimes accompanied by trauma to the mouth, and in most precedents without escalating bone tissue not to do.

Express and mini-implants have a shorter period of time. The first way relevant to the recovery of their small number (when a satisfactory volume of bone tissue), and the second is intended primarily to support dentures. As practice shows, one of the most effective, is the basal implantology - a new revolutionary method Renaissance teeth. The implant design does not require sinus lifting - capacity of bone tissue, and thus allows evenly and correctly distribute the chewing load. This method is particularly effective in the absence of a large number of teeth and allows for weeks to return to a normal way of life, plus the price is significantly lower than the classical - actual prices implantation can be viewed here, at any time, around the clock.

The main advantages of basal methodology are as follows:

Modern technologies are actively developing, improving and not standing still. Every year fewer contraindications, but, of course, one of the most important remains an excellent cosmetic result, enables to give others a beautiful white smile, radiant beauty and perfection.

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