The implantation is performed by highly qualified dentists using the latest equipment and the best systems. This can ensure that patients high quality, long-term results, unparalleled aesthetics and functional value! Today implantation procedure allows to obtain a natural tooth after losing the present. Thanks to the development of such modern dental care doctors began successfully to solve various problems of many patients!Today there are several types of implant systems. Depending on the specific case and the choice to use a particular system.A dental implant is an artificial tooth root. The process of splicing the embedded implant with the bone. This design acts as a support for the future of the artificial crown and as close as possible to the natural tooth. As the implant is a metal rod, which has a high survival rate and long service life - up to 20 years.Dental implants have many advantages over classical prosthesis. Bridge is set causing irreversible damage to neighboring teeth, which bear an additional burden, which can further lead to atrophy of the bones due to exposure of the roots of adjacent teeth. Modern implants deprived of all these drawbacks. It allows you to completely throw out of memory dentures. Of course there are some contraindications to the use of implants, but not many. At the moment, periodontal disease, diabetes and bone atrophy no longer considered a contraindication. Implantation is not recommended for patients who have severe blood disorders, severe mental disorders. Methods of implantation:- classic, performed in two stages - one-step - to-day operations are temporary crowns - single-stage - after tooth - transgingival Express implantation without the need for incisions and sutures.It's worth knowing that when the oral cavity is removed several posterior teeth this may lead to a shift of the dentition, as well as the deformation of our maxillofacial system.The implantation can be a real support for the bone.

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