Implantation beard is rapidly gaining popularity

Aesthetic medicine is constantly evolving and one trend is replaced by another. New fashion - hair on the face for forming a thick beard. Target audience operations - men with liquid facial aged 20 to 30 years, according to Liberty Voice. In America the cost of the procedure is about seven thousand dollars.

Transplantation is a rather long process that takes a whole day. The doctor simulates the beard, transplanting hair follicles in the place of no hair growth on the face. You can fill the necessary gaps or formation Brody from scratch. Source hair is the lower part of the neck. For implanting hair follicles, the surgeon makes tiny incisions special scalpel.

In the resulting holes are transplanted hair. It should be noted that not every technician is able to perform the procedure for forming a beard. Hair should be transplanted at a certain angle and in a strict sequence. Only in this way, the formation of beard, similar to the natural.

Some time after surgery is possible redness in the treatment area, but then the person gets thick and high-quality beard.

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