Implant dentistry - a contemporary approach to treatment

All adults in the process of life come into contact with problems relating to the teeth. In this article we will talk about implantation. Implantation is the process of restoring the dentition, if there was a loss of one or more bony structures. When a man has all his teeth, it brings a lot of trouble with the meal, also leads to incorrect bite. In addition, the absence of the tooth is also an aesthetic problem, complicating communication with people, which can appear complexes. There are many ways and options to restore the bone series.

Implantation is the most modern and efficient technology. The meaning of the procedure is that the prosthesis-implant is implanted into the jaw bone and replaces the missing tooth. Implantology is a promising area, as the implant includes a lot of advantages compared to other methods.

Dental bridges and removable dentures until recently was the most relevant methods of recovery. When setting the bridge is grinding down adjacent teeth, which is rather unpleasant and can ruin nearby, and dentures bring a sense of discomfort and bring a lot of inconvenience.

Implantation also have the option to return the teeth without damaging healthy shell adjacent bony structures. Many can just forget about dentures.

Implantation prevents atrophy of tissues of the oral cavity, because the formulation of the implant prevents bone resorption. This method not only preserves the bone tissue, but also makes the load is lower than standing next to. Implantation is completely painless, and the implant will last a lot longer than the same dental bridge. The main advantage of the crowns on the implants is that they are fixed with a screw.

Implantation resumes chewing function. The implant does not differ from the t of a natural tooth, and therefore will not feel any discomfort either in functional or aesthetic aspects.

If you have that there is no tooth or several, to restore your set of teeth without harm to adjacent living bone formations, to get a white smile, which cannot be distinguished from the natural, then the implant is the best choice for You. Take care of your smile and the health of your mouth for years to come.

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