Immune therapy helps in diseases of the eye

The discovery will allow scientists to push back the diseases associated with damage to the structure of the retina. The immune system can get rid of increased vascularization of the retina. It is proved that immune therapy does not affect healthy tissue, leaving them in integrity, informs DNA India.

The innate immune system influences the pathological network of the retina selectively, marks it as an element removal. The main role in this process play a variety of mediators, who are active proteins that regulate the activity of most body systems. Artificial start the immune system, according to researcher Kip Connor, will reduce the frequency of occurrence of diabetic retinopathy and retinal pathology and premature babies. The disease is manifested by an abnormal proliferation of blood vessels in the eye and vision disorders.

The efficiency of the method scientists have proven in the course of the experiment involving mice. The first group of animals had anomalies of the genetic apparatus, affecting the immune system. The protective properties of the second group worked fine. Next in mice artificially caused diseases of the retina. In the second group, the immune system of the animals fought with the formation of abnormal blood vessels, whereas mice of the first group quickly developed retinopathy.

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