Imitation operations cures diseases of the spine

The placebo effect is used in medicine for a long time. Scientists have shown that in some situations dummy able to cure the pathology. Often the person just need to believe in owl recovery that the body itself began to fight with the disease.

Surgeon David Calls (Mayo Clinic) went further and conducted an experiment in which he proposed to patients to undergo sham surgery, the course of which they were not even aware.

The main specialty of the doctor - reconstruction of the vertebrae using cemeterys composition. The doctor proved the effectiveness of the method, which is no doubt. It turned out that placebo-operation works or slightly better than this. To confirm this information was gathered a group of 130 patients. Some of them passed this operation. Others underwent complete preoperative treatment, however, all procedures were finished after hitting on a surgical table.

The results surprised the researchers. The effect of placebo surgery was on the same level as in the standard intervention. Both methods reduced pain and increased mobility in the spine. Patients began to feel better within 24 hours after the procedure. Over time, the effect is only intensified.

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Similar results were obtained for the placebo-operations on his knee when excision of the meniscus.

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