If you start earlier, then the problem will be solved easier - scientists

Scientists from the business school of the University of Chicago proved to cope with any task can be significantly faster if you perceive it as part of my real life, not future plans. Time and perception of time in much determines our success in fulfilling that mission, writes Science World Report.

Only the study involved 100 volunteers from among the students. Everyone got a job and five days for his decision. Testing was required prior record. Scientists have divided the students into groups and gave them a certain timeframe.

It turned out, the sooner people started to work, the easier it was to pass it on time. The discovery of this fact is difficult to say, however, scientists believe that the information obtained will help to better understand people with attention deficit disorder.

Delay the matter for a long time, moving time, we determine our own productivity. Each was faced with a situation where the accumulated osprey of small things that need to be solved in the last night before the surrender.

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