If you snore, cancer risk increases five times

According to scientists from the University of Wisconsin snoring at night increases the risk of cancer five times. Such respiratory disorders robs the body during sleep enough oxygen, which triggers the appearance of tumors and the number of feeding their vessels.

Scientists led by Dr. Javier Niet analyzed the incidence of cancer in a thousand people who had sleep problems for over 20 years. It turned out that people with severe snoring 4.8 times more likely to get cancer if an OS problem bedtime moderate, the risk increases two times, and a small sleep problems increase the risk of cancer by 10 percent.

A surprise for the scientists was that the risk of cancer and sleep disorders not korreliruetsa of obesity, moreover, the cancer has often manifested in suffering from snoring thin people.

Most people suffer from night of Apana, which is expressed in snoring and sudden awakening in the night, often this disorder is associated with obesity, high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.

According to laboratory tests due to low oxygen levels in mice can develop skin cancer, the same thing probably effective for a person. Hypoxia leads to the development of blood vessels that feed the tumor - angiogenesis. If you suffer from any sleep disorders, doctors advise to start the treatment as early as possible, to minimize the probability of developing a fatal disease.

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