If you frequently use a soda can to become diabetic

Those who every day indulge himself sweetened drinks by 20% increase the risk of becoming a hostage of diabetes, compared to those who allows himself this once a month. Moreover, this statistic applies to those who have no mass index normal.

Even one jar of sweet carbonated soft drink consumed daily, can significantly increase the percentage chance of getting diabetes in the future. It was found by an international team of scientists representing the UK, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Sweden, France and Holland, BBC informs.

Experts were carefully questioned about 350 000 people about their diet and lifestyle. Then, the data obtained in the survey were structured and carefully analyzed. This analysis showed that drinking every day Bank carbonated drink, ill, 20% more than those who do it not more than once in 30 days.

Moreover, this causal relationship has not broken and after taking in the calculation of the body mass index surveyed. This suggests that sugary drinks in addition to obesity, inhibit the endocrine system and people who do not suffer from excess weight, knocking the healthy physiological processes in the hazardous area flow.

According to one of the participants of the experiment, representing Imperial College London Dora Ronguer, those people who are addicted to sugar, increase the likelihood of diabetes. This is the percentage of daily servings of sweet drinks. She believes that the Ministry of health in all countries are required to accurately inform the citizens of their countries about the dangers of such products with bringing eloquent statistics.

All this negativity does not apply to freshly squeezed natural juices, which only improve health, except in those cases when they add sugar, concluded the study authors.

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