If you drink wine with friends, the taste of the drink can be perceived differently

According to scientists, if you drink wine with friends, a drink will seem tastier than if you drank it alone.

A group of researchers at Oxford University at the head of which was Charles Spence, examined the impact of psychological States on the internal sensations of the person.

The group of volunteers was given to drink wine in different situations and under different state of mind. As it turned out on the taste of wine affects a huge number of various circumstances.

For example, people drinking wine in the company of comrades in most cases well perceives the aroma and taste of the drink.

It was found that the taste of the beverage may also be influenced by the weight of the bottle in which it is located. If the vessel is heavy, so people think that wine is good, though it is not always the case.

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Also factors such as lighting or cost, or smell around can significantly affect a person's perception of this drink.

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