If the house was infested insects

Some insect species prefer to live close to people, which usually this neighborhood gives a lot of trouble, because it takes all the different measures of struggle against them.

Modern industry produces many kinds of different insecticides and drugs of chemical origin for the destruction of insects, but it is quite possible to use additional methods of using medicinal plants and home remedies.

1.The most frequent guests in the apartment are cockroaches. Just that at least one cockroach entered the house and after a short time the population will grow tenfold.

Means to control cockroaches. This houses with bait, and chalk, blocking the road and chemicals in syringes exhibiting drip along all surfaces and is quite effective.

Folk remedy kill cockroaches is a tasty bait for them: a mixture of sugar and boric acid, scattered habitat cockroaches. The sugar will attract their attention, and boric acid will lead to dehydration and imminent death.

2. Bugs are insects that are difficult to get rid of. They live in the house behind Wallpaper, in bed, in the crevices. Only full pest control against insects will help to cope with bugs.

3. If the apartment is jumping insects that make a tangible bite and suck blood, it is fleas. Live fleas on animals, but often bite humans. Because if the family doing Pets, the adoption of measures for the destruction they have fleas - mandatory.

In the presence of fleas, it is recommended to vacuum all upholstered furniture and carpets, and after processing them with sprays insecticides. Floors are washed out with soap, and textiles and soft toys are erased in hot water.

Folk remedy for fleas is wormwood. The grass can spread throughout the apartment and leave for some time.

4.Big problems create flying insects - mosquitoes, which not only allow you to sleep at night its all the rage, and bite, are vector-borne diseases, as well as any other insects, are able to drink human blood.

To get rid of mosquitoes coined a special fumigators. Used appliances insect - killer, applying the high voltage and produces ultraviolet radiation, which attracts mosquitoes to the grid of metal, through which passes a current of low voltage. Such a device is safe for humans and comes in a portable, floor standing and wall-mounted version.

To scare away mosquitoes can drip a little eucalyptus, pine or clove oil on the lamp and RUB around the perimeter of window and door openings, so that the mosquitoes were afraid to even fly up to them.

5.The mole is not harmful, but the larvae and caterpillars can eat almost everything from paper and cereals to clothing. To combat mol is used dichlorvos and herbs: dried lavender and geranium oils: fir and lavender.

6.For flies is difficult to come up with a suitable spray or applied insecticides, because the best way, though not too attractive - adhesive tape.

7.To remove from the house swarms of ants can not only use specific tools, but to RUB all plinth clove of garlic and treat them balls from a mixture of flour, honey and boric acid.

Whatever insects nor attacked the man disinsection should be more than once.

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