Idleness is extremely dangerous for your health

Australian doctors came to the conclusion that idleness, or doing nothing is extremely dangerous for your health.

The results of the study physicians of the Green Continent, which was ordered by the Royal medical College, gave the following results. People not working about six months or more, have the greatest exposure to the risk of infectious diseases - respiratory and cardiovascular. In addition, they are much more prone to mental disorders and disability, and suicidal intentions. In such groups the risk of suicide is greatly increased.

Dr. Mary white head groups of researchers to this fact tried to give an explanation. Work according to her, largely meet the most essential needs of human communication and activity. Also people who work, have a lower addiction to alcohol and tobacco. Another extremely important factor is social: people without work, usually in the material plane is much wealthier not involved in the production people. Accordingly, a working man has great potential in the aspect of caring for your health.

Dr. white together with his colleagues summed up the lack of work has a significant impact on health as well as daily Smoking 10 packs of cigarettes. Especially it has a strong influence on young men and able-bodied. Men are most focused on social achievement and career growth. If they are more than six months remain unemployed, the risk of suicide for them increases by 40 percent.

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