Identified the gene for pancreatic cancer

Experts from Johns Hopkins University have identified a gene that increases the risk of cancer of the pancreas. The ATM gene mutation as it turned out, increases the chances of developing this cancer. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most painful, after diagnosis of less than 5 percent of patients live longer than five years with this form of cancer.

It turned out that 10 percent of this form of cancer occur in families with a long history of disease.

"There are substantial grounds for believing that the development of cancer due to genetics, but until now scientists did not detect genes that would serve as triggers for the development of the disease," says study author Alison Klein.

Klein and colleagues analyzed genetic material from families with a history of diseases cancers and identified a particular gene mutation ATM. Identification of this gene is particularly important for screening and early detection of the disease, because pancreatic cancer is the fourth in line in the list the number of deaths from cancer.

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